Thursday, March 31, 2011

Welcome to my Missionary Moms blog...

Two weeks ago, we took our 7th missionary son to the MTC and I was reminded all over again just how difficult--and wonderful--it is to be the mother of a missionary. After all these years of missionary-mommying, though, I find that the moment I say goodbye I am much less focused on things like "does he know how to iron a shirt" and much more focused on things like: "what can I do to help him be successful?" As a mother (and the wife of a former mission president), there are some things I have learned through the years that I hope might help other missionary moms like you! Let me make one thing clear right up front: I am not an expert! I certainly do not have all the answers (hardly any of them, as a matter of fact.) Because every missionary is different, nothing works the same for each one. This blog is simply a collection of things that have worked for me...things that have helped me as I have worked every day to support my missionary sons. Please feel free to use anything you find here to help, support, inspire, teach, motivate, encourage, and express love to your missionary. Your child is unique and wonderful in his or her own way---only you will know exactly what he needs to help him succeed. I do have one piece of advice, though, that applies to every single missionary mom on the planet: Never underestimate how important you are in this mission experience. Your child needs you---now, more than any other time in his life to this point. This is a time for you to really shine as a parent!

And one more thing I know for sure:

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


We had only been in Boston for two weeks when Elder Marlin Jensen, our Area President, came to do a mission tour. He asked me how I was doing....and I started to cry. After he returned to Salt Lake, he mailed me a copy of this quote. I have loved it ever since. It gave me a different perspective on the challenging adjustment our whole family was facing. And it answered that unanswerable question we usually ask when we are going through hard things: WHY? During those first few days at the MTC when life feels so painful in many ways for my sons, I always send them this quote. I hope it will do for them what it did for me.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


One my favorite, most empowering missionary quotes. Giving your missionary a clear statement of anything that defines their calling can become a motto, of sorts, for them. It can become something they turn to when they need a reminder of exactly why they are there and give them the strength to endure present difficulties that comes by looking at the bigger picture.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Being a missionary is a holy calling. It is a privilege of unmeasurable proportions. When our children become missionaries they leave their old selves behind and step over the line--becoming true representatives of Jesus Christ. Understanding this fact empowers them and helps them honor the holiness of their calling as they serve.